Twin Temple with The Bridge City Sinners at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, CO on 10/20/22 – Live Show Review

Twin Temple

Devils, Witches, Satanic Feminists, and even a guy dressed up as a Star Wars character came out to the Gothic Theatre (a very fitting venue) on Thursday to witness Twin Temple’s Satanic Orgy Tour (their first headlining tour). They recently gained notoriety from opening for another Satanic band Ghost from Sweden. You can read my review of the Ghost show by clicking here. Super fans waited in a long VIP entry to meet the band (we waited in the non-VIP line if you were wondering). A couple that purchased the experience to meet the Satanic Duo, flew across the country just to see the extravaganza. I asked if I could use their names in this write-up. They declined due to fears that associating with this event would tarnish their professional image. I didn’t witness anything that resembled an orgy. But I did notice passionate fans of Twin Temple dressed up for the occasion.

The Gothic Theatre Audience Members Dressed for the Occasion

Married musicians Alexandra and Zachary James, combine their love for early rock and Satan into a unique blend of music by forming Temple Twins. Being exposed to racism as a child with a Korean Father and an English Mother, Alexandra James wanted the band’s mission to be safe place for the people who feel like they don’t belong. 

After Twin Temple stepped on to the stage, a ritual with a skeleton head, a bell, and sacred book commenced. That’s when lead singer Alexandra James who was dressed like a vampire/B-52s member asked, “Are there any lovers out there? Are there any devil lovers? Are there any lovers of Lucifer?” After the crowd gave her the devil horns sign, the following songs about Beelzebub commenced: Lucifer, My Love, The Devil (Didn’t Make Me Do It), and I Know How to Hex You. Zachary James dressed in a suit with devil embroidered images played his guitar with a Buddy Holly like style and tone. Their fantastic band all were dressed in black suits and matching hats with upside down crosses hanging from their necks (much more comfortable than the masked Heavy Metal Band Slipknot ‘s stage attire). Alexandra James’ amazing vocal range could be compared to the late great Ronnie Spector. 

The Devil Horns

The singer testified to the audience, ” We have been called devil worshippers. We have been called whores. We have been burned at the stake. We have been subjugated and silenced for our sexual expression. Well, I am here to say, sex is not just for propagation. And it’s not just between a man and a woman. So I suggest tonight, that we reclaim the power that is ours.” That’s when the Temple Twins brought out a volunteer.

An audience member named Abby was brought up to the stage for another ritual. I couldn’t really follow what was happening, but it involved a blindfold and leather straps. I caught up to Abby after the show. She was thrilled to be involved in the performance (she even showed off her Hail Satan hand fan for a picture). After the sacrament was complete, Alexandra James exclaimed, “Hail Babylon. Hail Satan. Now let’s play some rock and roll.”

The band led a sing-a-long to Satan’s a Woman. The tune sounded ironically similar toThe Angels‘ tune My Boyfriend’s Back. Another ritual involving blood from a goblet and a passionate kiss from the couple ended show. As the band left the stage, the house music played Satan is Real by The Louvin Brothers recorded in 1959. It was a hell of a good time.

The Bridge City Sinners

The Bridge City Sinners are the supporting band of the tour. Temple Twins referred to them as their evil guests. The band’s name comes from their Portland, Oregon base (the Northwestern City has numerous bridges over the Willamette River). The self described Appalachian death folk group has busked in the streets, played at Folk Festivals as well as Punk Festivals. Lead singer Libby Lux’s tattoos, face piercings, and ear gauges might not make you think the banjolele (a four string banjo ukulele) was her instrument of choice. Nevertheless when she started singing, her voice transported the audience back to another bygone era sounding like a 1920’s flapper.

To the audiences delight, the quintet came out to the Ghostbusters theme song. They warmed the crowd over quickly playing Kreacher“Well, he’s back from the dead/And he’s coming for your head.”

The Bridge City Sinners also played songs about the devil (The Devil’s Swing), alcohol (Rock Bottom), and even the Lord of the Rings (The Legend of Olog-hai Part 1 and Part 2). Lightnin’ Luke the band’s barefooted violin player in an extremely large hat added a classical element to the group’s sound. He even sang a duet with Lux on The Devil Like Me – “I said, “Till death do us part”/Had it planned from the start/Take her money, stop her heart/How’d the Lord make a devil like me?” Sporting sideburns as big as Lightnin’ Luke’s hat, Michael Sinner played a resonator guitar making the band’s sound even more distinct. Scott Michaud kept everyone on beat playing the stand-up base and Clyde McGee completed their sound with the standard banjo. I am starting to think most of their names are made up. 

As soon as the crowd started a mosh pit, Lux advised the audience that the best way to avoid the “dancing” is to get the f*ck” out of the way. We took her advice by sitting in the balcony.

See you at the next show. I’ll be in the one dressed up as a skeleton wondering why Satanic bands don’t provide candy during Halloween season.

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