Shooter Jennings & Waymore’s Outlaws with Radio Birds and Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angeles in Denver, CO at the Summit Music Hall on 6/21/17

Shoot Jennings with Waymore’s Outlaws

Waylon Jennings passed away more than fifteen-years ago, but the country outlaw’s music lives on through his son, his backing band, and in the hearts of fans like the guy with the Waylon tattoo in front of the stage.

Waylon Jennings band named Waymore’s Outlaws have been performing Waylon Jennings songs for several years. Singer Tommy Townsend took the legendary band through classics such as Luckenback TX (Back to the Basics of Love), Good Time Woman (complete with a Willie Nelson impression), and Theme Song from the Dukes of Hazard (Good Ol’Boys).  A few minutes later, they all appeared together with the headliner.

Blonde Woman of Intoxication

Shooter Jennings grew up on his father’s tour bus. He started playing music from the age of five. Shooter turned down the chance to front the rock super group Velvet Revolver to pursue country. He has produced music with everyone from Marilyn Manson to Billy Ray Cyrus.

Right when Shooter joined the Waymore’s Outlaws onstage, an enthusiastic fan (really drunk girl) pushed through the crowd to be front and center. She displayed her embarrassing dancing skills and obnoxious heavy metal hand gestures with everyone around her.  She repeatedly yelled, “Shooter what are your drinkin’?” Shooter Jennings finally had to mumble Jack and Coke between songs to shut her up. Another over zealous fan in the front row showed off his Waylon insignia tattoo to impress the blonde woman of intoxication. After she informed the branded man about her husband at the bar, the annoying outlaw country lover disappeared to the relief of everyone around her (except for the broken hearted guy next to the stage).

Shooter Jennings

Wearing a tattered MC5 shirt and sunglasses, Shooter Jennings played a hit filled crowd-pleasing set. Highlights were 4th of July, Living in Minor Key, and Nashville from Afar. Shooter dedicated a song to his decreased best friend and music manager Colonel Jon Hensley. Hensley was responsible for many musical careers.  He nudged Shooter towards his country roots and (my Lord and Savor) Jack White to produce rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson’s latest album. The tribute song was a Danny O’Keefe cover of Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues. The melancholy lyrics state, “Your’re not a kid at thirty-three/Ya play around, ya lose your wife/Ya play too long, you lose your life/I got my pills to ease the pain/Can’t find a thing to ease the rain.”  Tommy Townsend took over the vocals to end the show with the fitting Same Old Outlaw.

Radio Birds

Looking like they just stepped out of a tour bus from the 1970’s, Radio Birds made their Denver debut that night.  The Atlanta, Georgia band described their sound as plain old rock and roll with a hairy touch. They claim the “hairy” as being a little dirty, but I think it’s because of every member has a beard.  Gravely voiced lead singer Justin Keller charmed the audience with songs about southern life.  The bass player, a hippie version of Ed Sheeran, had his eyes closed to find the groove of every song. The barefoot drummer sang along to every song despite the fact he wasn’t singing into a microphone.  Radio Bird ended with Long Way Down a song about being on the road.  “It’s a long way down that cold dark valley/I’m tiered of living through other people’s dreams/I’ll make my way as soon as I see the signs that the road is coming … so long.” 

Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angeles

The evening of music started with Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angeles.  Wearing a rhinestone tailored original Manual Cuevas (a famous Western wear suit designer), Prestwood looked and sounded like he was singing in a Honkey Tonk in the 1940’s. The old school country band played songs about waking up at 3:00 AM t, positive aspects about incarceration, and being the king of all losers. It makes sense their new album is entitled Born Too Late.

See you at the next show.  I’ll be the one in the rhinestone suit asking that obnoxious woman to sit down.

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