Camp Cope and Petal at the Marquis Theater in Denver, CO on 6/29/18

There are a few things you never do at a concert. Never take your toddler to a rock show (it’s like bringing your baby to a drunken dive bar). Never use the flash on your camera (the light show is on the stage not from your i-phone 4). Never turn your back to a mosh pit (medical bills are expensive). And never, NEVER wolf whistle (a two note whistle that is high and then low) at a feminist. That mistake was made when Petal, the music project of Kiley Lotz, was performing Friday night at the Marquis Theater. Petal asked the crowd to identify the offender. When nobody came forward, she declared, “That does not happened at my show. Sorry. Not sorry.”


Besides shaming the inappropriate whistler, Petal performed an emotional intimate set. Her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Silver Springs featured her heartbreaking falsetto and her exceptional keyboard playing. Petal’s newly released album Magic Gone is about struggling with her mental health and coming to terms with her sexuality. She introduced the song Shine by revealing it’s about her being queer. A jazzy drum beat begins as Petal sang, “Maybe I’m just the parrot on your shoulder/Maybe I’ll be your next favorite placeholder/But Baby – I’ll just shine.” She ended with Heaven a crowd favorite from her 2015 album Shame. I’m hoping that title wasn’t named after another wolf whistler.

Camp Cope

Camp Cope from Melbourne, Australia headlined. The trio’s debut album was nominated for a J award for album of the year in 2016 (the Australian version of the Grammys). After coming into the spotlight, the band has been vocal about discrimination, sexism, and unjust practices in the music industry. Their latest album is sarcastically named How to Socialize and Make Friends. Coming out in black Adidas shorts and a tank top, singer and guitarist Georgia “Maq” McDonald oozed rock rebellion. Bassist Kelly Dawn “Kelso” Hellmrich and drummer Sarah “Thomo” Thompson kept the ruckus on the rails. After finishing the title track from their new album, Maq asked the crowd, “Are we on top of a mountain? Are we high up? I am feeling a little bit weird.” The band fought through their altitude sickness and continued their personal and political punk refrains. A fan from the bar kept shouting for them to play Lost: Season One (Yes. It references the television series). The band obliged and dedicated the song to the intoxicated individual (rewarding bad behavior). The crowd pleaded for Camp Cope to play more. Maq replied with her charming Australian accent, “We have been in a van all day. Thank you for being so nice. But we don’t have any more songs.” They left without an encore because … they really didn’t have any more songs.

See you at the next show. I’ll be the one not wolf whistling.

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