Best Coast, Wavves, and Cherry Glazerr at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver, CO on 2-27-16

With the recent mid-winter heat wave, it was a perfect time to soak in the Summer is Forever II Tour on Saturday Night. It’s the sequel to the 2011 co-headling tour with California Bands Best Coast and Wavves. Walking into the venue I saw the back drop of the stage consisting of a comic book characterization of the band members. I knew this was going to be more like an event than a show.


Wavves was the headliner for Saturday (Best Coast was the headliner for Sunday) during their two night stay at the Bluebird Theater. Some of the audience left before Wavves 11:30 PM start….Those people made a terrible mistake.

Wavves started out of lead singer Nathan Williams parent’s garage in San Diego, California. The punk/pop four member band play songs ranging from sleepwalking, marijuana, and aliens.

Lead singer, Nathan Williams, stopper the show four songs into  their set. He gave the guy in the Slayer Shirt near the front of the stage all the money in his pocket to stop singing along with the band. (I wonder how many performers dream of doing that to their devoted obnoxious off key fans.) After throwing a large wad of bills at the guy, the show was officially on it’s way.


That’s when the crowd surfing began. From what I can tell, the goal of crowd surfing is to trust a drunk teenage audience to lift you up, pass you over their heads, and on to the stage. This is when you stand up next to the band, put you fist in the air, and jump back into the arms of the drug induced crowd. I don’t know why this is fun, but it seems half of the 550 capacity crowd tried it. Some failed and landed on the beer and vomit soaked floor. Others succeeded and were groped to and from the stage. My favorite was the one rebel who made his way on to the stage and tossed his shoe into the audience before entrusting the crowd with his life.

Wavves and an alien

Just when I thought the crowd surfing couldn’t get any more entertaining…. that’s when the aliens arrived.  Wavves new album has a song titled “Heavy Metal Detox.” When Williams starting singing the lyrics “We are Not Alone” alien balloons were released into the crowd along with round non alien shaped balloons. The traditional balloons were volleyed around, but the aliens were horded away like lost treasure.


Best Coast

Before the cash bribes, shoe throwing crowd surfers, and alien invasion Best Coast took the stage. A pant-less Bethany Cosentino wearing only a large Sublime T-Shirt (she stated she was dressed to go to bed) lead the band along with recently slimmed down guitar wizard Bobb Bruno through Surf Rock inspired pop songs.

The former Lush Sales Associate (Cosentino) and studio producer (Bruno) started the band in Los Angeles, California. They have been growing their audience stronger every tour. This might of been the last time to see them play in such a small venue.

Cherry Glazerr

Another Los Angeles, California band Cherry Glazerr named after a National Public Radio Reporter opened the show. The band started in 2012 when singer Clementine Creevy was in high school. Dressed in a pajama like pant suite, Creevy lead the band through a mix of fast and slow catchy pop songs. I can only hope to be as happy as their drummer Tabor Allen. He had a permanent smile on his face the entire time he was smashing the drums. The pop songs started a mosh pit for reasons that are beyond my comprehension. That was a sign for the events that were about to come for the remainder of the California Music filled night.

See you at the next show.  I will be the one hiding from the mosh pit, crowd surfers, and aliens.


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