Corey Feldman with La Rissa Vienna and the Strange, and The Jacob Cade Project at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, CO on 6/23/17.

Corey Feldman and the Angels

I went to Corey Feldman and the Angels with low expectations. I assumed his band would play their instruments as seriously as the models in a Robert Palmer video. I thought Feldman would do his Michael Jackson imitation for a hand full of curious onlookers and it would be over in minutes.

I was wrong.  Feldman entertained a near sold out audience for over two hours. He had more costume changes than a Cher concert, more show business stories than a vaudevillian comedian, and a set list that took the audience through his lengthy career.

Corey Feldman and the Angels

After a propaganda video listing his multiple movies, television appearances, and musical albums, the scantly clad Angels appeared on stage complete with illuminated wings and halos. Corey Feldman followed wearing a Michael Jackson like black leather ensemble (except he wore both gloves). After playing a few songs from his new album Angelic 2 the Core, it was apparent that this was going to be a real show.

Throughout his career Feldman contributed music to the soundtracks to many of his movies. Playing the songs from these films provided a way to take the audience through his career (the video clips helped as well).  He also covered Beatles, Michael Jackson (one of his closest friends according to Feldman), and Little Richard songs.

Angel Margo

To prove his band (the Angels) really did play their own instruments, Feldman spotlighted them throughout the night.  His wife and keyboardist Angel Courtney Anne sang Cyndi Lauper’s The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough from the 1985 movie Goonies (Feldman portrayed Clark ‘Mouth’ Devereaux in the film).  Angel Margo played the violin to an original composition.  Twenty-one-year-old Angel Jimena Fosado impressed me the most. She played a mash up of The White StripesMetallica, and Nirvana guitar hooks.

Corey Feldman reappeared in a hooded outfit playing the drums while smoking a vape cigarette. The Angeles sang Stand by Me with clips from the 1986 Rob Reiner movie with the same name playing in the background (Feldman played Teddy Duchamp in the film).

The night ended with Corey Feldman on a hover board singing Go For It.  It was symbolic of his show. Sounds ridiculous, but it turned out to be surprisingly entertaining.

The Jacob Cade Project

The three-piece band The Jacob Cade Project played before the Angels landed on stage.  Jacob Cade is a singer guitar player from Parker, Colorado that just graduated from high school.  He has been playing the guitar since he was four-years-old.  He woke the crowd up with his fast paced song Green Light Go. Next was a rapid fire set of Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and Joe Walsh covers.  Base player Jim Cade looked old enough to be Jacob’s Dad … because he is his Dad.  Jacob Cade slowed things down by playing an original song about a recent brake up.  But what really wowed the crowd was his guitar playing.  When he would play a difficult lick, Jacob would stick his tongue out and smile. He took advantage of the large crowd at the end of the night by encouraging everyone to text a number for free music.

Opening act La Rissa Vienna and the Strange played their spooky rock to the diverse Corey Feldman audience. Lead singer LaRissa Vienna sang songs written to inspire the underdogs and the outcasts while doing her Tae Bo moves she learned from her mother’s Billy Blanks videos.  Bass player Aaron Mendoza and guitar player Nick Workman worked heavy metal touches into the music.  At the same time, violin player Vanity Welch (wearing a Goonies t-shirt) added to the depth of the songs with her classically trained playing.

See you at the next show.  I’ll be the one riding the hover board in the Goonies t-shirt.

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