Pretty Boy Floyd, One Track Mind, Da Screech, and Self Service at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver, CO on 6/2/17

Pretty Boy Floyd

Rolling Stone Magazine just claimed Poison is the last hair metal band standing. It appears their writers forgot about Pretty Boy Floyd.  They have been performing high-energy metal glam shows since 1987. For the last few years, Wolfpack Productions has brought the Sunset Strip Rockers to Colorado. Changing from their usual Buffalo Rose appearances, Herman’s Hideaway hosted the glam band on Friday. Back when I was the young guy at the show, I saw Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Bob Schneider, and The Beat Farmers at the Denver venue. Now it’s considered to be in the middle of the Green Mile (named after all the recreational marijuana dispensaries in the area).  The announcer promoted a near by pot shop during the band introductions by stating, “You can get a free joint with purchase.” It is the Mile High City after all.

Self Service

Local band Self Service (I don’t think their name is about pumping gas) played first. Singer Steve Capstick led the band through Motorhead covers and original songs. There was a lot of crowd interaction that felt like a comedy show with a punk attitude.  Capstick introduced a song about rebelling against his kids sagging jeans by pulling up their pants.  Drummer Tristan Maher used a golf bag to store his drums equipment in at the end of their set. Where else would a comedy punk band drummer store his drum stands?

Da Screech

The three-piece modern rock heavy metal band Da Screech (named after a Jamaican rum popular in Newfoundland) was next. United States Air Force veteran Leon Lighting took the stage looking like the Webster Dictionary definition of a rock singer. He had long hair, tight jeans, and Conan the Barbarian muscles. He blended his vocals nicely with metal blues guitarist Jeremy Bryan.  Holding the whole operation together was Kev The Mac Attack on drums. The highlight of their set was their song Loaded 45 with killer bass fills by Lighting and impressive guitar playing by Bryan.

One Track Mind

Before the glam metal started, One Track Mind took the stage.  I know they were serious about their rock because that’s when the fog machine started. Lead singer Chad Martin looked like a younger version of Ron Perlman from the Sons of Anarchy television show. He had the muscles, sleeveless spiked jean jacket, and F*CK belt buckle. Martin’s intimidating presence had the women swaying back and forth during his ballads and brought fists up in the air during his Rock God wailing. Their song Going for a Ride raised the temperature up so much it forced Martin to take off his shirt.  This revealed his tattooed upper torso and his pieced nipples (a little something for the ladies).

Steve Summers

The main attraction Pretty Boy Floyd started with the title track off their 1989 debut album Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz. Wearing a black bandana and cowboy hat combo lead singer Steve Summers fired up the crowd immediately.  He encouraged everyone to sing along (especially the young lady with electric blue hair in front of the stage).  Next the band powered through Motley Crue’s Toast of the Town. The infectious chorus had the audience chanting, “Hey Hey Hey.” About the forth song into the set, the drums started to tumble down onto the front of the stage. It became clear that this was not part of the show. Drummer Ben Graves was having a seizure. A fire truck and ambulance arrived.  Graves was taken to a nearby hospital.  He was released from the ICU four days later.

See you at the next show.  I’ll be the one sending positive thoughts to Ben Graves for a speedy recovery.

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