Diane Coffee, Flaural, and I Am Love at the Lost Lake Lounge in Denver, CO 2/16/16.

Sometimes when I am standing in the middle of a crowd half my age, I ask myself…What am I doing here?….Is this where someone my age should be on a Tuesday Night?…Does everyone think I am one of band member’s Dad? These thoughts disappeared when I saw Diane Coffee perform during their first headlining tour on Tuesday Night at the sold out Lost Lake Lounge on East Colfax.

Diane Coffee

Shaun Fleming, the former child Disney actor and Foxygen drummer, lead a talented group of musicians on a very entertaining over the top bigger than life musical ride. Diane Coffee is named after the Supremes diva Diana Ross and a song by singer songwriter Nathan Pelkey. It’s an all male Psychedelic Motown Band. The lead singer Shaun Fleming becomes Diane Coffee when he performs. It’s confusing. But just role with it.

The band all dressed in matching suites started the show with a James Brown like vamp. This built the tension up enough for Shaun Fleming to make a dramatic entrance wearing a suite one would find in the petite section of Ann Taylor and Ziggy Stardust like sparking eye make-up. He pranced around the stage while passionately singing selections from their debut album “My Friend Fish” and sophomore release “Everybody’s a Good Dog.” He memorized the crowd with his mixture of Tom Jones, David Bowie, and Cher antics. Hexagon screens behind the stage displayed a variety of images throughout the performance such as melting colors, dancing soldiers, and 1950’s bondage footage.

Diane Coffee photo taken by The RRP

Fleming/Diane Coffee disappeared during a musical interlude to appear in a “I Dream of Jeannie” like ensemble. This is when his guitar amplifier blew out. Shaun Fleming smiled and asked if someone could spare one. The opening band Flaural brought one on stage immediately. Meanwhile the band remained calm and just played on while Fleming crawled around trying to get his guitar to “kind of” work. He put the guitar down and serenaded a beautiful star struck blond in the front row to their love song “Green” while sitting on an amplifier (this one didn’t blow out).

Fleming told the crowd he would have to cut it short due to the technical issues. It was heartbreaking to see the house lights come on after he left the stage. But he definitely left the crowd wanting more.

I am Love

The opening band was I Am Love a Pennsylvania band that relocated to Denver last year. They describes their sound as Psychedelic Vaudevillian Goth Grunge. Singer, guitarist, and autoharp player Joshua Christopher lead the distortion heavy band through some very trippy numbers. Their songs seemed to build slowly and smooth out when Davy Timm switched from the keyboard to the trumpet. Joshua Christopher bantered between songs through echo effects.


Flaural performed next as the 150 capacity crowd started pushing their way to the front of the stage. The New-Wave Psych Pop Band (Are you seeing a pattern?) from Colorado is getting ready for a two month tour. The songs flowed very well for a group that just formed last year. Lead by Colin Johnson who wore a Kurt Cobain like sweater and knit hat in the extremely warm venue under hot lights. I was told that they have come close to selling the venue out by themselves.

Diane Coffee’s set list

I am expecting Diane Coffee to return soon playing to a larger audience in a bigger venue with more songs, costumes, and stage spectacles. I feel very fortunate to see the dynamic performance in such a small intimate setting despite the technical difficulties and it being a Tuesday.

See you at the next show. I will be the one not wearing makeup.

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