The Velveteers, Dreadnought, and Dry Ice at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, CO on 11/26/21

Moshing, stage diving, and a glistening silver jumpsuit mesmerized the crowd during The Velveteers album release show. Another unmistakable element throughout the night was music fan Em Nassif’s luminous green hair (see pictures above). The locks shined another spotlight on a band keeping the spirit of rock and roll alive. 

The Velveteers dynamic live shows and captivating songs compelled Dan Auerbach, lead singer of The Black Keys, to produce their debut album. Their buzz worthy performances also earned them a last-minute gig opening for Guns N’ Roses back in September. These events led to their hometown album release show on Friday night.

Demi Demitro and Baby Pottersmith

The lights dimmed as Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes played setting the mood for the music from The Velveteers debut album Daydream Nightmare. Out of the darkness, drummer Baby Pottersmith, multi-instrumentalist Jonny Fig, and lead singer/guitarist Demi Demitro took the stage. When the lights hit Demitro’s shiny silver jumpsuit, the crowd roared with excitement.

The Velveteers

The band began the song Beauty Queens with Pottersmith and Fig playing a two person drum kit radiating pure joy. The rapid fire beats created a tribal feel while Demitro sang:

Beauty queens and lullabies
Broken dreams and white lies
It’s a fix so shield your eyes
A revolution is on tonight
Time is gone and time is past
Better make your decision fast
Show your teeth, you’re ready to bite
A revolution is on tonight

During the song Choking, Demitro walked to the stage’s edge as the crowd lifted her to float through the masses. Later Pottersmith joined in on the fun while pounding a snare (the audience eventually carried them back).

During the single Charmer and The Snake, Fig stepped out from the drum kit to play guitar next to Demitro. Her voice went from a soft whisper to a roar while an infectious guitar riff played throughout the tune. Demitro instructed the crowd to get low to the floor as they played Devil’s Radio. Just when the song started getting louder, the audience jumped up as Demitro sang:

Your parents told you about the devil’s radio
There ain’t no rules to abide
Let’s make a deal tonight
I set you free to fly
Light your name inside

Don’t be afraid, just be a rebel
Don’t be afraid, just be a rebel
Don’t be afraid, just be a rеbel

Towards the end of the night, the band revealed their softer side and performed Brightest Light. Pottersmith played piano showing off a mesh black top and a pink miniskirt while Demitro sat on the stage strumming her acoustic guitar. I imagine the song was inspired by music fan Em Nassif’s luminous green hair.

The Velveteers will be performing at bigger venues next year opening for Greta Van Fleet.

The doom-prog rock band Dreadnought were second billed. They combined death growls and angelic voices. Heavy metal riffs inspired several audience members to bang their heads (or just move their hair back and forth rapidly). When the musicians started playing the flute and the saxophone, the songs took an unexpected left turn. I saw a fan wearing a jacket with the band’s patch signifying their loyal following.

Dry Ice

The band Dry Ice began the night with one of my favorite things…. starting the show early. The crowd went into a frenzy when their angst-ridden songs were performed. The trio were celebrating five years of making psychedelic dream-punk together. They formed while they were in high school. And if I my calculations are correct, that means I’m old.

See you at the next show. I’ll be the one contemplating a hair color change.

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