Super Diamond, Under a Blood Red Sky at The Gothic Theater on 11-13-15

Photo by Old Guy at the Show
The audience is the show

A Super Diamond Show is more of an event than a concert.   It’s a retro parties where the crowd might be more interesting than the band.  The audience were adorned in large afro wigs, bushy Tom Selleck like Mustaches, polyester pant suits,  Member’s Only Jackets, Flash Dance off the Shoulder Tops, and white patent leather loafers. During an exclusive Old Man at the Show interview …. OK …. Doing shots with him after the show…. the lead singer of Super Diamond, Randy Cordeiro, told me that “usually ten percent of the audience dresses up for their show.  But in Denver ninety percent of the audience dresses up for their show.  Denver definitely brings it.”

Under a Blood Red Sky

Under a Blood Red Sky, the U2 Tribute Band, started the festivities with Billy ‘Bono’ Bunting
swaying to the the music in a very Bonoish Motion.  He dressed in a multiple number of iconic Bono outfits during their performance including a Black Sunday Bloody Sunday Sleeveless T-Shirt.  He even had a white flag on display to scream “This song is not a rebel song.  This song is Sunday Bloody Sunday.”  Guitarist Ted ‘The Tedge’ Gravlin wore a knit hat to appear The Edge like, but bass player Jerry ‘Larry’ Bousquet and drummer J. ‘Adam’ Gomes didn’t get the outfit memo.  A backing screen displayed shadows of U2 like figures, Mood Lighting, and U2 Album Covers throughout the performance.  My friend stated that the lead singer has “a lot of energy.  Maybe too much energy.”  But I think someone with a lot of passion is never a bad thing.

Super Diamond

My late father was a fan of Neil Diamond and his songs are the sound track to my childhood.  My sister and I were awaken many nights to Neil Diamond’s 1973 Live Double Album ‘Hot August Nights’ spinning on the wood stereo credenza.  Super Dimond – The Ultimate Neil Diamond Tribute Band came out to shake those memories back to life.  Surreal Neal, Randy Cordeiro, wore a chest barring silver fringe shirt that matched the crowds attire perfectly.  His voice is very Neil like and the band are very Neil worthy.  Diamond Standards such as “Cracklin’ Rose,” “Forever in Blue Jeans”, and of course “Sweet Caroline” were played to the inebriated crowd’s delight.   One of the surprises of the night was a very

Super Diamond

dark version of “Love on the Rocks.” A reminder of how talented Neil Diamond is as a song writer and how diverse Super Diamond are to capture the somber song.  Matt ‘Dimond’ Tidmarsh on bass with his Elvis Taking Care of Business Side Burns sang an impressive version of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” Keyboardist Rama ‘Diamond’ Kolesnikow, keyboardist James ‘Diamond’ Terris, guitarist Chris ‘Diamond’ Collins, and drummer Vince ‘Diamond’ Litteton were very impressive mashing up everything from Rush, Guns and Roses, Van Halen, and The Beastie Boys into Diamond’s Repertoire.

Photo by Lisa Boulay

A few members in my group were reluctant to come to the Gothic that night.  However, by the end of the show, the power of Super Diamond and maybe a few alcoholic beverages had them singing loud and proud to the songs.   Like it or not everyone knows these songs. If you grew up in America in the 70’s or 80’s, Neil Diamond music was playing and it’s part of your musical DNA.

Surreal Neal and his Eight Track Tape

Surreal Neil revealed an eight track tape that made him a Diamond Fan when he was young. He pleaded with the crowd to never except “someone saying that Neil Diamond doesn’t Rock. Neil Diamond Rocks. ”  He ended the night thanking the band, the crowd, and Neil Diamond for being Neil Diamond.  

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