Luke Schmaltz, Straight Outta Luck, Munimula, The Wow! Signal, and Ooh La La Presents at 3 Kings Tavern 10th Anniversary Party in Denver, CO on 1-8-16

3 Kings Tavern celebrated their 10th Anniversary on Friday with free admission to tons of bands, an art show, and burlesque dancers. The South Broadway crowd was a mix of everyone. I noticed many beards, aggressive piercings (it looks like those hurt), face tattoos, and women with rainbow colored hair. I fit in perfectly.

The Wow! Signal and Rosie

The Wow! Signal (named after a mysterious narrow-band radio signal detected in 1977 for 72 seconds and disappeared) opened the show. Their set consisted of fun yelling songs. Things got interesting when the drummer took his shirt off to the delight of the ladies (okay some ladies who like a Kevin Smith Body Type). Their “Summer Song” that was re-titled “Winter Song” had a respectable hook. That’s when Rosie, their interpretive dancer, came out and frolicked in a t-shirt, high heels, and a g-string. The drummer carried her off after the last song as she yelled “God your sweaty!”


Next Munimula (Aluminum spelled backward) a guitar and drum duo took the stage.  They were dressed like Mormon Missionaries that just got back from lumber-jack camp. They played Punk Jazz fusion between recorded dialogues. It was a really unique sound that I am probably not smart enough to appreciate.

Straight Outta Luck

Straight Outta Luck (a street punk quartet that formed in 2008) started their set by insisting an audience member join them on stage to blow out candles on a pizza with a pepperoni phallic design. The birthday boy didn’t seem thrilled. Ryan Jacobs, the bass playing singer, lead the band through infectious songs that got the crowd’s attention especially the mosh pit. I was enjoying their performance while hiding in a corner. I don’t like Mosh Pits (it’s a long story involving dental work).

Luke Schmaltz

Luke Schmaltz, lead singer of King Rat (a punk band that has been around for two decades), calmed the crowd down with a few acoustic songs. He states his main influence as the poet Shel Siverstein which is apparent with his song “It’s Fun to F*ck A F*ck Up” with the lyrics “Because nothing is more boring than perfection.” One of the mosh pit members failed to keep the moshing going to Schmaltz songs. Funny Acoustic Songs might be a great method to derail the next mosh pit formation.

Surlie Temple

Between bands Ooh La La Presents performed avant-garde stripe teases with troupe members Kitty Crimson, Cherry Pop Pop Poppins, and Surlie Temple. The highlight was Surlie Temple’s Undone Routine to Weezer ‘s “Undone (The Sweater Song)” in a sweater that unraveled. She has been performing it since 2009. The ladies only striped down to pasties. Keeping it classy Denver.

I left before the rest of the bands performed because Old Guy at the Show gets sleepy.

See you at the next show.

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