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Lucius with Abraham Alexander at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO on 11/11/22 – Live Show Review

Lucius – Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe

During the pandemic Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe found the best way out of the darkness is dancing. And that’s exactly what the vocal duo who performs under the name Lucius accomplished with their latest disco inspired album Second Nature. At the beginning of this year, they requested their fans record themselves dancing for the video Dance Around It. Out of 700 submissions, I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen to be in the fan-generated video. Click here to see my moves in the first few moments. I am credited right underneath Brandi Carlile.

The audience participation element continued during their tour. The duo encouraged the audience to “bring your sparkle” by wearing glittery outfits. Some fans even went as far as dressing like the singing duo complete with blonde wigs and sequin capes (okay it was us).

Looking like they just stepped out of Studio 54, Lucius wore 1970s inspired scarlet dresses as they appeared in front of a shiny keyboard. Their opening number was the disco inspired Second Nature. The crowd was overjoyed to sing and dance along.

Laessig and Wolfe also performed a few heartbreaking ballads (nothing disco inspired about them) including The Man I’ll Never Find – “I’m looking for the man that I’ll never find/I’ll know it when I look him dead in the eye/Don’t want it if it’s easy/But I wish it was, believe me.” They wowed the audience with their angelic harmonies. It was a great reminder of the versatility of the musicians. They recently have been nominated for a Grammy for their back-up vocals on Brandi Carlile’s song You and Me On The Rock.

Just when the crowd was caught up in the sadness, Laessig and Wolfe armed with matching keytars taught the crowd some impressive choreography to the tune Heartbursts. I caught on so quickly I was surprised they haven’t put me in another one of their videos.

After twirling around with their band, Lucius appeared right in the middle of the audience to perform Two of Us on the Run. Later one of the security guards confessed during that moment he miss-took us for the singers. I guess our outfits worked.

Closing out the show, Lucius switched into mirror ball looking ensembles to perform their first hit Turn It Around combined with Donna Summer’s I Feel Love. Proving music is the light out of the darkness. And the best way to go towards that light is dancing.

Abraham Alexander

Show opener Abraham Alexander informed the audience, “I’m going to talk about all the songs if you don’t mind.” He continued to tell fascinating stories about moving from Greece to Texas when he was young and later record with fellow Texan Gary Clark Jr. at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. Alexander sang with a soulful voice while skillfully playing the acoustic guitar with a looping effect. The self-reflective tunes Knee Deep and Heart of Gold held the crowd’s attention. It was not an easy task since the glittery crowd was there to dance. Alexander also covered Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game with own unique take.

See you at the next show. I’ll be the one in the blonde wig waiting for my next video appearance.

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