Peaches, Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO on 11/9/15

Peaches at Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO on 11/9/15.

The last two shows I went to had theatrical element to them that I really liked.  So when I heard Peaches was performing, I was excited to see another ‘theatrical’ performance.

I have witnessed really horrible opening acts including a Ranchero Political Rap Band opening for The Reverend Horton Heat and a punk trio that appear to never

played a musical instrument opening for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Tonight I saw Christeen, a drag queen from Texas, the worst performance I have ever seen. It performed a hip hop set backed by a bearded DJ in drag and a supper skinny bearded back up dancer in a trucker hat.  Rap screams about gag worthy subjects along with obscene choreography ensued.  I guess weed is really strong in Colorado because people were dancing to it.  

Needing something to erase my mind from the horror, Nina Simone’s “Four Women” played from the sound system.  This was fitting since Peaches took her name from the song’s lyrics.   After the final note, Peaches arose to start her bizarre performance. 


I was happy to see no DJ. Supporting my theory that most DJs just fist pump and bounce their head up and down in front of a lap top.  Pre-recorded backing tracks only requires someone to hit play.  Peaches has an impressive voice that was highlighted on her song ‘Talk to Me’ sounding like Blonde’s Debbie Harry.  She gave an energetic performing including walking on top of the audience while interacting with her back up dancers.


The show mainly featured raps songs about sexual empowerment.  In case someone missed the message, dancers dressed as vaginas came out to make sure you knew the subject matter.  

Dancing Body Parts

phallic shaped tube was blown up over the audience.  At that moment, Peaches danced her way through it.

Peaches Walking in and over

Peaches closed with ‘Light in Places’ featuring spot lights held by her barely dressed dancers. Of course, those spot lights were in strange places.  It would be a great show if I was 30 years younger, a lesbian, and liked provocative rap songs about sexuality.  But I am the old guy at the show.  

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