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Dustbowl Revival and Emily Scott Robinson at Levett Pavilion in Denver, CO on 05/28/21

It’s been a shock to my system getting back into the world after being in lockdown. My brain is buzzing from all the activity outside the confines of my home. So I might of gotten a little too carried away when Dustbowl Revival played their first in-person show in 440 days.

Dustbowl Revivalvival

During the pandemic co-singer Liz Beebe stepped down away from the Venice, CA based band and was replaced by Lashon Halley. I first noticed Halley during the band’s visual Sway-At-Home Festivals at the height of the pandemic. She previously performed with the Los Angeles group Eagle Rock Gospel Singers. Halley pours tons of energy into the Americana-Soul band’s sound. Early on in the set, she showed off her impressive vocal aerobics singing Dustbowl Revival’s 2015 signature song Feels Good.

The music ensemble’s horn section lifted the mood of everyone attending the free show. Zach Lupetin lead the group through a combination of party songs and more somber numbers that reflect the feel from their album Is It You, Is It Me released last year.

In the middle of their set, the band informed the crowd that they had a purple vinyl version of their latest album for sale. Following their directions, I ran and bought the record from the nearby merch table. In my excited state, I displayed my newly acquired purchase to the band while they were still performing. The above pictures show trombone player Ulf Bjorlin and singer Zach Lupetin not looking thrilled about my enthusiasm. Dustbowl Revival brought a good time to Denver (just a little too good of a time for me).

Emily Scott Robinsonnson

Before the big party band stepped on stage, opener Emily Scott Robinson brought a calmness to the crowd. The native North Carolina performer sang about small towns, paying your dues on the road, and death. Her song White Hot Country Mess displayed her sense of humor about dealing with the hardships of a traveling musician such as not having a mirror in the dressing room and drunk sound guys. She ended the number by singing, “There is nothing I can’t do with a double latte and some dry shampoo.” Her song Overalls detailed a World War II veteran coming to terms with the end of his life by insisting on being buried in his overalls. Robinson will have an album release party at The Soiled Dove Underground in Denver, CO on November 17, 2021.

See you at the next show. I’ll be the one up front flaunting my newly purchased purple vinyl.

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