Denver Music

MF Ruckus, Hail Satan, and Head Trauma at The Oriental Theater in Denver, CO on 1/26/19.


MF Ruckus

Hank Von Hell, the former singer of the Norwegian death punk band Turbonegro, was forced to delay his North American tour. This was due to issues with his visa caused by the recent government shutdown. MF Ruckus, who was scheduled to open for the punk legend, didn’t let that stop the rock. The musicians recruited two other local bands and delivered a pulse-pumping ear popping extravaganza to the masses.

MF Ruckus has been dealt a bad hand lately. Guitar player Parker Clark-Whitton recently left the band. Their bass player Logan O’Connor had to have surgery on a torn bicep. And vocalist Arron Howell just lost his bartending gig. Despite all their troubles, they managed to put on a hometown rock show. Anyone with a Hank Von Hell ticket got into the event for free.


Tony Lee and Aaron Howell

Appearing in his signature red jumpsuit, Aaron Howell came on stage like a man on a mission. And that mission was to rock. Andy Bercaw filled in on the bass quite nicely and guitar player Tony Lee seamlessly took on all guitar duties. After the band went through their crowd-pleasing originals, Howell announced they were going to play some cover songs from their previous incarnation The Legendary Eskimo Brothers. They played Thin Lizzy’s Dancing in the Moonlight (It’s Caught Me in It’s Spotlight). It’s hard to pull that song off without a saxophone player, but they did. The closure was Ted Nugent’s Stormtroopin’ with two amazing solos by Lee that would make Uncle Ted proud.


Hail Satan

The second band on the nights line up Hail Satan’s lead singer politely asked the crowd, “Are you ready to worship the devil?” That’s when a firestorm of songs was launched at the audience. Jake Fairly who could easily be actor Adam Scott’s evil doppelgänger led the band through songs about a pledge, alcohol, and a killing spree. The most shocking moment was their cover of Ben E. King’s Stand By Me. They managed to make the feel good lyrics transform into a frightening plea. Fairly concluded by telling the audience, “I love you and want to kiss you.” Not too many people singing in front of an upside down cross express such affection. Fairly illustrated MF Ruckus’ graphic novel series The Front Lines of Good Times. The limited release of volume two was sold at the show.


Head Trauma

After waiting more than fifteen minutes for the opening band to start, Head Trauma came on stage to tell the audience that the delay was caused by their drummer taking a sh*t (keeping Denver classy). When the music finally started, loud scream songs about questioning your sexuality, Korean hookers, and crashing a car were performed.

See you at the next show. I’ll be wearing a red jumpsuit next to the upside down cross.




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