Margo Price and Particle Kid at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO on 2/20/18

Margo Price

A few years ago Margo Price and her boyfriend (now husband) Jeremy Ivey found themselves living in Colorado in a tent performing for spare change on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall.  She now lives in Nashville (assuming not in a tent) as a successful musician.  She has performed with her idols Kris Kristofferson, John Prine, and Willie Nelson. Price even played with my Lord and Savior Jack White (she is on his Thirdman Records label). Her Nowhere Fast tour is currently traveling the world supporting her second album American Made.

Margo Price – All photos by
The Rock and Roll Princess

The show at the Fox Theatre was sold out despite it being on a cold snowy Tuesday night. Before the performance began, a roadie placed burning incense on the stage.  The smoke lofted over the crowd (the smell is still in my clothes). Price came out wearing a fringe jacket, bellbottoms with rose embroidered patches, and a big floppy brown hat (I almost wore the same exact outfit).  Her mustached bass player Kevin Black held up the band’s country music reputation by donning a black cowboy hat.

A large majority of the set list were songs from her new album.  They were political (Pay Gap, Heart of America), philosophical (A Little Pain, Loner), and confessional (Wild Women, Weakness). The few songs performed from her debut album were reworked from their original version such as the haunting Four Years of Chances.

Margo Price

Margo Price played shakers, tambourine, guitar, keyboards, and drums throughout the night.  Many singers just stand awkwardly while each member solos.  Not Price.  She played a small drum kit right next to Dillion Napler’s normal size drums.  Price banged along with the band with a giant smile.  One of the most impressive moments of the night was the song All American Made.  The band left the stage leaving Price behind the keyboards. Gut wrenching lyrics poured out, “All the Midwest farms are tuning into plastic homes/And my uncle started drinking when the bank denied the loan/But now it’s liver failure and his mad cows being cloned.”  The band came back to play her signature song Hurtin’ on a Bottle combined with Willie Nelson’s Whiskey River.  The show ended with Credence Clear Water Revival’s Proud Mary (Ike and Tina Turner’s version). She pranced around the stage and encouraged the crowd to sing along.  The Retro-Country artist transform into a Rock and Roll powerhouse.   

The Particle Kid

Particle Kid opened up the show.  I discovered a few things during his set:

  • Particle Kid is not a kid or particles, but a twenty-seven year old man.  
  • He had chess pieces on his socks (one had a hole in the toe)
  • His real name is Micah Nelson. 
  • He is Willie Nelson’s son. 

Nelson shared his concern about sneezing outside in the cold.  “Frozen boogers might become destructive missiles.”  Being from California, he was excited to be experiencing inclement weather (he got to wear a stocking hat).  His set consisted of steam-of-consciousness songs about Hollywood, the ocean, and how the reality of the world is out of control. Nelson used looping and foot petal effects to create a fuller sound.  The Particle Kid came back during Price’s set to sing the duet Learning to Lose. His father sung with Price on the original recording.  The Particle Kid captured the tone of Willie Nelson perfectly while guitarist Jamie Davis recreated Willie Nelson’s playing (it was like Willie and his legendary old beat up guitar Trigger were there).

See you at the next show.  I’ll be the one in the fringe jacket lighting incense on stage.

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