Chain Station at the Food Truck Carnival in Northglenn, CO on 05/20/23 – Show Review and Pictures

Chain Station

“You guys look good and smell good too. Or is that the food,” questioned guitar player Alex Thoele of the band Chain Station at the Food Truck Carnival. While the sun set, the quartet proceeded to put on a high-spirited show for the connoisseurs of mobile cuisine.

Thoele and stand-up bass player Jon Pickett met around a campfire in 2006 forming the Colorado band. Shortly after, mandolin player Jarett Mason joined them. Several years later, banjo player Chris “C-Bob” Elliot completed the line-up. Just like the different food trucks coming together in one location, every member of the group took a turn singing lead vocals bringing a unique flavor (see what I did there) to each song.

While looking longingly at the What Would Cheesus Do food truck, Thoele asked the inquisitive questions how to describe the perfect grilled cheese sandwich in three words (butter, cheese, bread). Chain Station played their original tune Gettin’ Down describing a party night in a mountain town drinking PBRs, twirling girls, and sleeping in cars staring at stars. Elliot’s banjo picking and Mason’s mandolin playing were impressive. Since the up-tempo song got people dancing, Thoele suggested that they play the rest of their setlist five times faster to keep the people on their feet. 

Cover songs were sprinkled in the set including Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bob Dylan. However, Pickett’s lead vocal on Huey Lewis & The News’ Power of Love got everyone smiling. The band picked the perfect 80’s pop tune to rework into a foot stomping bluegrass ditty. 

While Thoele pondered the sexual innuendo of the food truck named Downtown Fingers, they kicked off the song Gravity – I’m a rock. I’m a flame/Shootin’ down from outer space/I’m a leaf, I’m a tree/I hold down these hills, I’m gravity. The tune speed up so fast like a 2003 Ford F-150 with no brakes heading down highway six over Loveland Pass.

C-Bob Elliot, Alex Thoele, Jon Pickett, and Jared Mason

As the food trucks were packing up for the night, the band played the sing-along Never GoinBack with impressive harmonies, lightning fast picking, and a hilarious impression of a drunk girlfriend.

The band will be performing at Globe Hall with Native Space on Thursday May 25th at 8:00 pm. There will be fewer opportunities to purchase funnels cakes, but an excellent way to see the band perform a fun full set.

See you at the next show. I’ll be the one wondering why there aren’t twenty food trucks surrounding the stage.

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