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21 Taras, Vic N’ The Narwhals, and VICODA at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver, CO on 01/12/20

The psychedelic liquid light show transported the audience back in time even before 21 Taras stepped on stage. The band from Littleton, Colorado started with a cover of The Rolling Stones’ Can’t You Hear Me Knocking. After the smoke cleared, the audience could see lead singer Julian Fulco-Perron’s purple suit, paisley shirt, and white shoes.

21 Taras

During the finger-snapping Gettin’ Hungry about a trip to a grocery store, Fulco-Perron tossed his kazoo into the air officially declaring it a party. Further shenanigans ensued throughout the night. Under garments with the band’s name were tossed on the stage (it was hard to tell if the musicians were delighted or horrified). After Fulco-Perron discovered a button in one of his shiny white shoes, an impromptu auction got underway. At the end of the fake negotiations, the button was tossed into the darkness of the Bluebird. The singer proclaimed, “We take credit. See you after the show.”

21 Taras

The song Invisible Queen suddenly transformed 21 Taras‘ sound into more heavy rock. It unleashed James Steinbach’s impressive lightning fast guitar playing (rhythm guitar player Austin Salazar smoothly took over lead several times though out the night). After the heart stopping guitar melt off, the musicians changed styles again with the 60’s inspired Time Traveler accompanied by an intense ray of lights flooding the theatre. At that moment, Fulco-Perron announced it was time to dance. Bass player Jim Williams started playing an infectious groove leading drummer Alec Lister to join in with a disco beat for the tune Illegible. It compelled everyone to move.

21 Taras

When 21 Taras started playing Valhalla from their first album Seize the Ocean, friends and family of the band worked their way to the front of the stage to express their love and support.  They performed Fatal Farm near the end of their set with Fulco-Perron singing, “It has been so long in time since we first started movingGot to continue to climb … “

Vic N’ The Narwhals

The Latin Surf Punk quartet Vic N’ The Narwhals were second on the night’s line up. Victor Hernández alternated from the keyboard to the guitar while Sergio Castorena channeled Dick Dale through his six string throughout their set. The revolving English and Spanish songs had the audience dancing to a samba and the next minute moshing into one another. Their song Manny’s Herb was in Spanish. So … I can only guess the subject matter had to be something about basil.


VICODA (an anagram for the States where all the band members have lived) kicked off the night of music. Lead singer Shivani Bhatt immediately got the crowd’s attention with her gold and black ensemble with Indian Bindi Crystals adorning her face. The group combines rock, soul, and Bollywood styles of music. Bhatt’s sultry voice and the band’s powerful energy was an immediate hit with the crowd. Near the end of their performance, the singer asked for all the women warriors in the audience to go to the front of the stage. She swayed back and forth with her newly appointed tribe. Bhatt rejoined her band while dancing with such intensity it left everyone in wonderment.

See you at the next show. I’ll be the one in the shiny white shoes offering to sell you a button.

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