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Astral Planes, Hotel WIFI, Hey, ILY, Thank You, I’m Sorry at Seventh Circle Music Collective in Denver, CO on 05/14/22 Live Show Review

Social media influencer Zach Kane announced that his band Astral Planes was opening for two of his favorite bands Thank You, I’m Sorry and Hey, ILY(I Love You). That was enough to persuaded us to see them at the 7th Circle Music Collective on Saturday night. Denver’s oldest DIY venue has a courtyard surrounded by vivid murals leading to a stage inside a garage like structure.

One of the concert goers approached us and asked why guys as old as f*ck were there. I tried to inform him that I was The Old Guy at the Show not The Old as F*ck Guy at the Show. After shaking off the insult, we squeezed into a small balmy space to see an emo spectacle.

Astral Planes

Astral Planes started the music off with a seven-song set predominantly from their latest EP Dog Days (a tribute to Kane’s recently departed canine). The band’s self-described Mid-Emo style captivated the crowd. Counting Sheep was played with a mesmerizing guitar hook. The Weazer like tune Me and My Dog was the highlight. It’s about Kane and his dog against the world (the song is tragic knowing his beloved pooch is gone).

Hotel WiFi

Hotel WiFi was next. The band is the musical project of Jae Smith from Fort Collins, CO. Smith channeled Ziggy Stardust with bigger than life crimson hair and star like eye makeup. The songs emphasized Smith’s impressive voice and heartbreaking lyrics. After a few songs, Smith asked the crowd,”Why did I wear this jacket? ” The audience shouted, “Take it off. ” Smith replied, “No.”

Hey, ILY

The national touring bands that have a fondness for commas Hey, ILY and Thank You, I’m Sorry are co-headlining together. Both bands encouraged the crowd to support the others by buying merchandise to combat the high cost of touring. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I bought a shirt. 

Hey, ILY the power pop emo quintet from Billings, MT was clearly enjoying their debut Denver performance. Their sound was energetic and joyous. Sometime during their set, the mosh pit tore the back of my shirt. It was an amazing achievement because I wasn’t even close the pit. Being called old as f*ck earlier didn’t motivate me to participate in any moshing. Near the end of their set, lead singer Caleb Haynes broke his guitar string. Jae Smith (Hotel WiFi) sprang into action and ran to fetch another guitar. While they waited, the band asked the crowd for some hilarious Colorado jokes (nothing funny enough to mention was offered). Once the guitar was retrieved the band closed their set declaring Smith a hero.

Thank You, I’m Sorry

To start their set front person Colleen Dow declared, “We are Thank You, I’m Sorry and this is music.” The shoegaze songs that proceeded were mainly about break ups and smoking. The Chicago, IL band recently released the single Parliaments that Dow describes as another song about weed – “I’m watching smoke curl out the windows/No one’s home, I’m getting stoned/Watch my thoughts sink into carpet/It’s better than starting at my phone.” Low ended the show by concluding,“Thank you for being here. We are Thank you, I’m Sorry.

See you at the next show. I’ll be the one recounting how Jae Smith saved rock and roll.

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