Allen Stone at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado on 11/25/15.

Photo by Old Guy at the Show

Getting people to attend a Soul/R&B/Dance Party is a difficult on Thanksgiving Eve. Entertaining unwanted out of town guests, preparing a turkey carcass, and camping out for discounted big screen televisions seem to be the priority. But an unlikely soul singer from Seattle Washington was determined to get you to his show. Two for one tickets sales, radio performances, and a weird burrito meet up were just some of the tactics used by Allen Stone. He is a cross between Stevie Wonder, Buddy Holly, and an Apple Genius Bar Attendant.

Pre-Show at Illegal Pete’s 

Attending the acoustic performance at Illegal Pete’s two hours before the show was a peculiar experience. Allen Stone and his guitar player walked in from out of the cold in heavy hooded parkas and looked saddened by the tiny crowd. After considering requests from the crowd, he belted out three incredible acoustic songs (none of the ones requested). He ended the short set by pleading for the burrito consumers to come to the show and disappeared back into the cold night.

Allen Stone and band

The tactics must of worked and a respectable size crowd showed up. Allen Stone and his band took the stage with their infectious funky soul review. The band consisted of a stern looking drummer, look alike bearded organ and keyboard players, a Napoleon Dynamite Uncle Rico like bass player, hyper energetic trumpet and trombone players, and a normal looking guitar player ( I don’t know how he got in the band). The trombone player had more fun than anyone on the planet dancing in his sweat soaked wife beater. Someone said that his moves were a reminder of why she is gay. One of the highlights is when Stone went through the crowd complimenting individuals on their shirts, retro Bronco Hats, sweaters, and shinny hair expressing his message of love and kindness.  Yes.  He is a hippie.


The opening act Bernhoft is similarly goofy.  Instead of the Pacific North West, Bernhoft helds from the Netherlands.  He was a one man band with the pre-recorded tracks combined with live looping.   Bernhoft has an amazing soulful voice.  He shared a hilarious story about being pulled over for speeding in America and not getting a ticket due to the amount of paper work it would take.  His love for music really was apparent due to the fact he appeared in the crowd to watch Stone’s band perform. He later joined Stone and their voices sounded amazing together.  Bernhoft climbed back into the crowd and started hugging everyone further demonstrating Allen Stone’s positive message.  It was a very Boulder Moment.

Brothers from different Mothers

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